ycs_cupcakestandQuestions I’m Most Often Asked!


Q:  How far out do I need to book the order for my event?

A:   Generally I book about 3 weeks in advance. If your event date is sooner than that–Please contact me to find out if your date will work! Many times due to cancellations or slower times of the year I can definitely help you out!

Q:  How long does fondant stay fresh?

A:  Great question!  Fondant stays fresh at least 6 months!  So no worries at all that your designs will not taste great!

Q:  Do you do Copyright Characters?

A:  No.  I would be thrilled to come up with something that coordinates with that character, but I do not replicate those characters….as in I would not do a Dora The Explorer little Girl, or her face on a topper.   However things that coordinate, such as backpacks, etc would be acceptable.

Q:  Is your Fondant Vegan?

A:  Yes!  From the company website:

Zero g trans fats, Zero mg Cholesterol
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free
Fondant contains no animal derived ingredients.

Q:  What does the Fondant taste like?

A:  I would say, with the exception of brown (which tastes like Tootsie Rolls!), the fondant is a nice vanilla flavor.  Kids love it!

Q:  Are your designs Nut & Dairy Free?

A:  The Fondant coming from the company is indeed Dairy & Nut Free.   I do all my design work in a studio, with tools that are used only for that purpose.  However, I cannot 100% guarantee that a topper would be 100% safe for any child or adult who has a nut allergy.  I would highly recommend alternatives for paper designs….Your child just is not worth the risk! :)

Q:  Is the Fondant Kosher?

A:  Yes, the the fondant company states it is Kosher. However, my work studio is not certified  as Kosher.


**I book 3 weeks out, so get your event order in early!**